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Meat Services

At Fairplay, we take pride in our customer service. In our service meat department, we offer fresh varieties of meat, cut to order. Steaks, pork chops, and chicken are just a few items offered in our service meat case. Every customer is welcomed to pick out their own fresh steak, whether it’s one cut or ten!! Pork chops come in different varieties as well. From thick cut bone-in chops to stuffed butterflies, we have a chop for everyone!

Also in our service meat case, you will find specialty items, such as pinwheel steaks, homemade Italian sausage and brats, and seasoned taco and fajita meat, just to name a few. We also have burger patties stuffed with extra goodies like cheddar cheese and bacon. Unlike other stores, we offer our cuts of meat in a marinade of your choice. You pick your steak, pork chop, or chicken, and we put it in a bag to marinade…ready when you get home!! Flavors available include: lemon garlic, steakhouse, and mandarin teriyaki.

Another service that we offer unlike other stores is our fresh, packed to order meat packages. They are different variety packs of meat assembled in our store when ordered. Whether your family likes more beef, pork or chicken, you can find a meat pack suited to your taste! Check out or Meat pack section for more information.

Seafood Counter

At our fresh seafood case, you will find a nice variety of fish and seafood, cut and packed to order. Whether its catfish steaks or crab legs, every seafood lover will walk away satisfied. We sell fish whole, or you can pick up a few salmon fillets, cut to your liking. Kind of nice to be able to pick up all the necessities for some surf-and-turf all in one stop!