Dial Smooth Renewal Exfoliating Body Wash

Dial Smooth Renewal Exfoliating Body Wash. With Spa Minerals & Exfoliating Beads. Healthier Skin. Healthier You. Discover how Dial gives your skin what it needs to feel healthy, smooth and beautiful. Gentle exfoliation for renewed, smooth skin. Surface skin can be dry, flaky and down right dull. Dial exfoliating body wash, enriched with Spa minerals and microbeads, gently removes dull, dry surface skin for healthy, smoother skin. Exfoliating fact: Exfoliation increases cell turnover on the skin surface to help renew smooth skin. The distinctive design and elements of this package are proprietary and owned by The Dial Corporation, A Henkel Company. If you have questions or comments, please call toll free 1-800-258-DIAL. Visit our web site at www.dialsoap.com. 2010 The Dial Corporation.