Jennie-O® Fresh All-Natural 90% Lean 10% Fat Ground Turkey 48 oz. Chub

Use JENNIE-O Lean Ground Turkey Roll to create nutritious and lean versions of your family's favorites: burgers, sloppy joes, tacos, and so much more. Use it as an alternative to ground beef, chicken, or pork. If you want a meal without fear of excessive fat or preservatives, then ground turkey is your solution. Trust us, we've been in the turkey business for over 70 years. Jennie-O makes it easy to eat well. MAKE THE SWITCH. JENNIE-O is a trademark of Jennie-O Turkey Store, LLC. 90% lean; 10% fat 21 grams of protein; 170 calories per serving All natural; minimally processed; no artificial ingredients Gluten free Fresh turkey meat