M&M's Candies, White & Dark Chocolate, Easter Sundae 7.44 oz

Transform your Easter Sunday into a Sundae Family Funday with our delightful M&M'S Easter Sundae White & Dark Chocolate Easter Candy, adding sweetness to all your holiday celebrations. These colorful candies blend creamy notes of vanilla ice cream and hot fudge, topped with a light cherry flavor, creating sweet nostalgia in every bite! When you fill your Easter baskets with these M&M'S, your loved ones will be egg-static to hop into a world of sweet delight! Gift the whole bag or create adorable Easter-themed jars filled with these colorful candies, adding a sweet touch to your loved ones' gifts— even the Easter bunny can't resist these irresistibly sweet treats. Whether you're filling Easter eggs for the ultimate egg hunt, adding a delightful crunch to ice cream, or simply enjoying a handful on a Sunday afternoon, these M&M'S are the perfect companion for every sweet moment. Add to your cart today!