Hershey's 100% Cocoa, Natural Unsweetened 8 Oz

Unsweetened, perfectly balanced and overly delicious! HERSHEY'S natural unsweetened cocoa is a versatile pantry staple for dozens of savory baked goods. Add these tasty HERSHEY'S cocoa desserts to your recipe book — cocoa crinkle cookies, double chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cakes, icing, cheesecakes and fudge! The gluten-free and kosher-certified unsweetened cocoa powder with is a delicious addition to almost any chocolaty dessert. After you've finished baking, you can sprinkle on a bit more powder on top for a beautiful finishing touch. You can even savor a few scoops of cocoa in your hot chocolate. You and your kids will love having a chocolaty addition. Add a few marshmallows on top and you've got a scrumptious cup of hot cocoa. You can also add HERSHEY'S chocolate cocoa to your coffee as a sweet mocha accent. The recipes are endless, and the holidays are made extra special when you have HERSHEY'S cocoa on hand.