Swiffer Dust & Shine Furniture Polish Cleaner Febreze Citrus and Light Scent 9.7 Oz

With a wax-free formula, Swiffer Dust and Shine furniture polish spray cleans virtually all of your home surfaces to a shine. With our unique formula, Dust & Shine furniture cleaner goes deep to clean greasy fingerprints, smudges, and other smears. Swiffer Dust and Shine furniture polish cleans, shines, and conditions with a light, even mist that's easy to spray and wipe away. It's perfect for cleaning beautiful surfaces throughout your home like leather chairs, granite tables, chairs, end tables, and bookcases. Furniture polish has never been so fun to use! Cleans and conditions with the freshness of Febreze. Wax-free formula that cleans virtually all your furniture surfaces to a shine. Ergonomic design is a perfect fit.