Mission® Tostadas Estilo Casero 14 oz. Bag

Crunchy and delicious, mission tostadas are a fast mouth-watering solution for snacks, appetizers, and authentic mexican dishes alike. Make an "open face taco" today with mission tostadas. Try these other fine mission products: flour tortillas, taco shells, and our crispy authentic mexican tortilla chips in the original brown bag! Try mission tostadas with toppings such as refried beans or mashed black beans, shredded pork, chicken, or beef, seasoned cooked ground beef, shrimp or shredded fish, or tuna salad. Then sprinkle on chopped onions, shredded lettuce and cheese, diced tomatoes, sliced fresh avocados, and hot sauce. There's no way to go wrong! World's best selling tortilla 0G trans fat per serving