Barcel USA Barcel Takis Guacamole Rolled Tortilla Chips Snacks

Do you have what it takes to handle the intensity of Takis Guacamole 9.9oz rolled tortilla chips? Are you able to stand a crunchy bite of our full-on flavor? Takis Guacamole Chips are no ordinary corn chips -- Oh, no. Takis Guacamole Chips are only for the strong, the brave, and the daring. If you love guac - we mean really love guac - then look no further than Takis Guacamole Chips. Every crunchy bite is an intense rush of guacamole flavor. Don't let that Mild rating fool you. Takis Guacamole rolled tortilla chips kick your taste buds in the mouth and are seriously flavored for people who are serious about intensity. Are they meant for you? Can you Face the Intensity?