Rug Doctor Hi-Traffic Pre-Treatment Penetrating Soil-Lifting Formula

Rug Doctor® Soil-Lifting Hi-Traffic Pre-Treatment Penetrating Formula. Steaming Mad at Dirt!®. Deep-penetrating action breaks the bonds of oily soil on carpets. Loosens embedded dirt in high-traffic areas. Use as a pre-treatment for heavily-soiled, high-traffic areas such as hallways and entries before machine cleaning. Hi-traffic carpet areas harbor tough, oily soils especially near kitchens and entries. Rug Doctor hi-traffic pre-treatment is a powerful pre-cleaning agent. It's specially designed to break the bonds of embedded dirt and grease from areas of heavy foot traffic. Printed in U.S.A. 1-800-RUG DOCTOR (1-800-784-3628). Internet: © 8/2006 (Rev. A 6/13) Rug Doctor, Inc. All rights reserved.