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Fairplay Finer Foods is an independent grocery retailer that has been in operation since 1975. Since the beginning, our mission has been to provide quality foods at an affordable price along with EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. We are a community based operation that will continually grow to not only meet, but to go above and beyond your expectations. We welcome your feedback to help us meet this goal.

Our History:

Fairplay opened its first location in the Bridgeport neighborhood back in June of 1975 (known as Halsted Foods back then). Building off of a very strong meat program, the opportunity for growth looked very promising. Over the next few years Fairplay opened more locations in the city and eventually spread to the south suburbs. Aside from offering exceptional cuts of meat, Fairplay is a full service supermarket. As Fairplay expanded, so did your needs. Because of this, we now offer a wide variety of ethnic foods.

Because the community has given so much to us, we are honored to serve the community, employ within the community and give back to the community!