How Does the Fairplay Rewards Program Work?

You earn Fairplay Rewards Points each and every time you shop, and it’s free!  For each dollar you spend, you get 5 Fairplay Rewards Points. $1=5 points. You can use your Fairplay Rewards Points to get FREE or DISCOUNTED products in the store. The more you use your account, the greater your rewards!


How Do I Sign Up for a Fairplay Rewards Account?

Signing up is free. You can sign up here. Make sure to enter your phone number as that will be how you access your account in the store.


When Do My Fairplay Rewards Points Expire?

Fairplay Rewards points do expire 90 days after the day when points are issued. This is on a rolling basis. So, you should not lose all your points at once.


Does the Fairplay Rewards Program Cost Me Anything?
No! There are no costs or fees for participating in the Fairplay Rewards Program. The Fairplay Rewards Program is our way of thanking you for shopping with us.


Do I Need A Fairplay Rewards Account to Get Weekly Ad Sale Prices?

No. You’ll always receive weekly ad sale and everyday prices even without Fairplay Rewards.  But remember, your Fairplay Rewards Account helps you earn Fairplay Rewards Points toward FREE or DISCOUNTED products. Fairplay Rewards also gives you access to Digital Coupons that can help you save even more off the weekly ad sale and everyday prices.


How Do I Spend My Fairplay Rewards Points?

You can spend your Rewards Points to get FREE or DISCOUNTED products in the store!  Click here to view the Fairplay Rewards point special offer items.


Do the Fairplay Rewards Special Offer Items Change? 

Yes, the Fairplay Rewards Special Offer Items will change monthly. Please make sure to redeem them before the expiration date at the end of each month.


Is This a Limited Time Promotion? 
No. This is not a limited-time or temporary promotion. This is a program that Fairplay Foods is committed to provide for our customers for long term rewards.


Are Any Purchases Excluded From Earning Fairplay Rewards Points? 

Qualifying purchases exclude money spent on alcohol, tobacco, lottery, postage stamps, gift cards, money orders, tax, delivery fees, and other service items.


How Do I Check My Fairplay Rewards Points Balance?
There are 4 ways to check your Fairplay Rewards Points balance:

  1. The bottom of your receipt every time you shop; or
  2. Have Customer Service look up your account; or
  3. On the Fairplay Foods’ App available for Android and iPhone; or
  4. Under “My Rewards” at www.FairplayFoods.com


Will My Personal Information Be Sold?
Absolutely not! The Fairplay Rewards Program and your information is owned by Fairplay Foods. None of the information you give us will EVER be sold, rented, or shared by Fairplay Foods or its employees or associates.


When I Give My Email Address, Are You Going to Fill My Email Inbox? 
No.  When you initially enroll, we will send an email welcoming you to the program.  After that, we will email you special promotions periodically—such as our weekly ad, digital coupon information, recipes, etc.  We don’t like our inbox full of ads and we’re not going to fill yours.  If you ever have any suggestions for things you may find of interest or of use to be included in these periodic emails, please let us know.


What About Digital Coupons?

When you clip your digital coupons at www.FairplayFoods.com, the digital coupons will automatically transfer to your Fairplay Foods Rewards Account.  Just have your cashier enter your phone number at checkout, and your digital coupons will automatically be applied.


Do Digital Coupons Double? Can I Use the Same Digital Coupon More Than Once?

Digital coupons do not double. Once you have used the digital coupon you clipped, it will no longer work with additional savings.


Can I Use Paper Coupons as Well as Digital Coupons on the Same Item?

Coupons are limited to one per item of savings. Digital coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item for savings.


What If There Were More Than One Digital Coupon of the Same Item That I Can Clip? Can I use Both Coupons on One Item?

No. Coupons can only be redeemed once per item. You can buy an additional, same item to use with additional coupons.