Brooklyn Bred Bistro Buns, Country Potato

100 delicious calories. Vegan. Made only with non-GMO ingredients. 8 pre-sliced buns. Since 1930. Naturally fermented. All of us relish as well-bred sandwich, and our first bite into that sandwich starts with its bred. Brooklyn Bred Bistro Buns are naturally formulated and fermented to create that relished bite: hearth-baked and outspoken on the surface, soft and savory inside-just like a real Brooklynite! The ideal Bred for Your Imagination. And only 100 delicious calories per bun Brooklyn Bred Bistro Buns-“Bred with a Brooklyn Accent!”. David Mafoud, Edward Mafoud, 3rd generation bakers. Damascus Bakeries. Bred in Brooklyn since 1930. What is country potato? Potatoes’ warming flavor and culinary versatility make them the world’s favorite comfort food. Grown as a root vegetable, potatoes are also a wholesome source of nutrients and minerals. Our bread your imagination. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. (at)BreadinBK. For more information visit our website To learn more about us, our delicious products, recipes and instructions visit: Outdoor grill instructions and recipes please visit