Cobblestone Bread Co.® Sausage Rolls 6 ct Bag

Any Way You Stuff It...A Great Bun All Around!What could be better than a grilled Johnsonville Brat or Sausage with all of your favorite toppings? Nothing...especially when it's served on the right bun! The Johnsonville Sausage Roll from the Bakers of Cobblestone Mill is the perfect bun to enhance the flavor of our great-tasting sausage. From onions and peppers to sauerkraut and mustard this roll can hold it all!"I have finally found a bun that complements the delicious taste of our sausage!"Ralph Stayer, Owner—Johnsonville Sausage. CBC Quality PledgeGreat sandwiches deserve great bread.Sure we know great bread—it's our middle name, after all—and we've been perfecting the art of making bread since we opened our very first bakery. We are a passionate group of food enthusiasts who adore sandwiches and only make the kind of bread we'd proudly serve our friends and family. Our products, as always, are crafted with care, better when shared. That's just the CBC way.Go with the grain.™ From the Bakers of Cobblestone Bread Co.® Delicious with Johnsonville® Brats and Sausages Crafted with Care, Better When Shared Traditional Side Slice