Elis Cheesecake Sampler

Chocolate praline, wildflower honey almond, blackberry, original plain. Slow-baked in small batches. Handmade at our famous Chicago bakery. Highest quality ingredients. Enjoy! Three slices each of our rich and creamy chocolate praline, wildflower honey almond, blackberry and original plain cheesecakes. Eli's pastry artisans are dedicated to making the most delicious cheesecakes possible using the very best ingredients. Every dessert made at our famous Chicago bakery is held to the highest standards set by Eli Schulman himself, when he baked his first cheesecake in 1980 as the signature dessert for his legendary Chicago steakhouse. We slow bake our cheesecakes in small batches taking the necessary time to allow each ingredient to develop to its optimum flavor. The use of slow cultured cream cheese and sour cream, along with pure Madagascar vanilla and our crisp all-butter cookie crust contribute to Eli's unique taste and texture. Eli's Cheesecake has received rave reviews: Perfection on a Plate - the O list, Oprah Magazine; a Chicago food icon - The Chicago Tribune; best cheesecake for purists - Bon Appetit. Tell us what you think at elicheesecake.com! Voted the country's No. 1 food tour - The Food Network. Follow us on Twitter and be a fan on Facebook.