J. Skinner Krumblecake Cinnamon

J. Skinner® Cinnamon Krumblecake™ Moist Coffee Cake. Modern artisan baking. Made with exotic korintji cinnamon. With cinnamon spice. Culinary krumble. The deliciousness is in the details. That's the motivation behind every product the J. Skinner modern artisan baking company creates. Our Krumblecake™ is no exception. This smooth, rich cake is crafted from the finest ingredients and baked using authentic European-style techniques. With the utmost attention given to even the smallest culinary component, J. Skinner promises a coffee cake beyond compare. If you're not completely satisfied with this product, please contact us at 800-358-7428. Rise & shine... because prefacing the word cake with Krumble makes it socially acceptable to eat something this supremely delicious first thing in the morning. Cinnamon is the spice of life! Korintji cinnamon in particular. This sweet spice is the exotic ingredient that infuses each pleasingly moist piece of J. Skinner KrumbleCake™ with its appetizing aroma and stimulating flavor. More mellow and smooth than average cinnamon, this is the key component of the luscious ribbons that run throughout the entire cake. To enhance the taste experience even further, cinnamon flakes have been added to the batter. Finish with a lavish crumb topping and you have the foundation for a soothing breakfast, divine dessert or a satisfying snack. Tamper-evident safety seal package. Thank you for purchasing a J. Skinner bakery product. We'd love to hear from you. Click on over to our website and drop us a line. 1-800-358-7428. skinnerbaking.com.