1800 Resposado Tequila Reserva

1800 Reposado Tequila Reserva. 100% Agave. In the year 1800, the first drop of tequila ran from our stills in Jalisco, Mexico. The year real tequila was born. 40% alc by vol. Since 1800. The first drops of tequila began to flow from our copper pot stills in the year 1800. This is the year in which real Tequila was born ~ and we commemorate it with 1800 tequila reserva. Tequila 1800 reserva. Using only 100% agave harvested and handpicked from our family owned ranches, in Jalisco, Western Mexico, 1800 reposado (meaning "rested" in Spanish) is double distilled for a smoother, cleaner flavor and aged in French and American oak barrels. Our range of hand-crafted tequilas includes Silver, select silver (100 proof) and anejo ~ please try them all to experience the taste of real tequila. Bottled at origin. Under license from the trademark owners. www.1800tequila.com.