Anchor Brewing Craft-Pack, California

2 cans each of 3 brews: California Lager - Anchor 1896; Liberty Ale - First brewed on the 18th of April '75; Anchor IPA - India Pale Ale. From America's first craft brewery. Anchor California Lager: Anchor California Lager is Anchor's re-creation of California's first genuine lager. Thanks to an ice pond in the mountains, a railroad, and a little brewery named Boca, Californians began enjoying the fresh taste of true lager in 1876. Pale malt. Cluster hops. Liberty Ale: Liberty Ale was first brewed in 1975, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Paul Revere's historic ride. This pale ale - America's first craft-brewed IPA - introduced America to the Cascade hop and the art of dry-hopping. Pale malt. Cascade hops. Anchor IPA: Anchor IPA is inspired by the California Gold Rush, when seeing the elephant meant the pursuit of adventure. This uniquely complex IPA is dry-hopped with 5 different hops. Pale, Munich & caramel malt. Apollo, Bravo, Cascade, Citra, Nelson Sauvin & No. 431 hops. The California Craft-Pack from America's First Craft Brewery: Anchor Brewing is one of America's oldest breweries, with roots dating to the California Gold Rush. Its Anchor Steam Beer, made in San Francisco since 1896, is an American original and a world classic. In 1965, Fritz Maytag acquired and revived the struggling brewery, at a time when mass-produced beer completely dominated the American brewery landscape. Maytag started a revolution in beer that originated today's craft-beer movement. An undisputed icon, Anchor is California's - and America's - first craft brewery. Today, it's craft-brewed beers are still handmade from an all-malt mash in Anchors traditional copper brewhouse. For the first time ever, Anchor has brought together three of its classic California craft-brews - Anchor California Lager, Liberty Ale, and Anchor IPA - in cans! We hope that you enjoy this California craft-pack. Cheers from the Anchor brewers! Twitter; Instagram: at anchorbrewing. Facebook: Since 1896. Anchor California Lager: 4.9% ABV. Liberty Ale: 5.9% ABV. Anchor IPA: 6.5% ABV.