Samuel Adams Imperial Series Wheat Ale, Imperial White

Samuel Adams Imperial White is a new perspective on the classic witbier style. We've imperialized it, making it bigger and more flavorful. Witbiers are normally light and refreshing, and we wanted to see how those features would stand up when we amped up the recipe. I am happy to report that our experiment was a great success. Samuel Adams Imperial White redefines the boundaries of the witbier style. This is not a more intense version of our Samuel Adams White Ale. it is a new beer which stands on its own considerable merits. While the beer delivers the traditional witbier aromas and flavors of orange and coriander, it sustains a bigger mouthfeel and body that hides in its hazy appearance. Refreshing yet robust, this is an incredibly drinkable beer that can be enjoyed throughout the entire year. Samuel Adams Imperial White is truly a unique beer, and we are proud to share it with you. With spices. Samuel Adams Imperial White pushes out the boundaries of a witbier. While the brew delivers orange and coriander notes, typical of witbiers, it has a bigger mouthfeel and body. It's a truly unique brew - Jim Koch, Brewer & Founder. Brewed and bottled by The Boston Beer Company. 10.3 alc./vol.