St-Remy VSOP French Brandy 750 l

Founded in 1886 in the Loire Valley in France, St-Rémy has more than 135 years of brandy-making expertise. St-Rémy brandies are 100% French from grapes to bottle: only French wines, distilled, blended, matured and bottled in France. St-Rémy is today the world's #1 French brandy. Launched in 1980, St-Rémy VSOP embodies the iconic taste that made St-Rémy famous around the globe. It is the right choice for a great authentic taste ! Its delicate and balanced style is the result of the selection of delicate French eaux-de-vie, from many varietals and terroirs, and their maturation in small casks. Amber-yellow in color, it offers a fruity and floral nose, and notes of fruits, wood and vanilla in the palate. This taste makes it the perfect companion for long drinks such as red or white Sangrias.