Gevalia Cold Brew House Blend Black Iced Coffee, Caffeinated, 11 fl oz Bottle

Includes both cold brew and additional coffee solids. 15 calories per bottle. Est. 1853. Ready to drink. Iced coffee. Iced coffee done right. Gevalia Cold Brew ready to drink is specially crafted for a smooth iced coffee experience on the go. Starting with the finest 100% arabica coffee beans from all around the world, we use a cold brewing process which increases flavor and delivers a rich coffee experience without any bitterness or acidity. Gevalia Cold Brew, with the added convenience you've been waiting for. Smartlabel. For more information contact: Gevalia Kaffe import service 1-888-496-0021. Discover more at Founded in Sweden. Gevalia Cold Brew House Blend Black Iced Coffee features the rich and never bitter flavor you expect from traditional Gevalia coffee in a ready-to-drink cold brew. Made with 100% Arabica beans carefully selected from around the world, this iced mocha black coffee features a bright flavor that refreshes with a boost of energy. Enjoy this 11 fluid ounce cold brew coffee drink straight from the bottle, or pour over ice, add a creamer of your choice and sweeten to taste. The twist-off top makes each cold brew bottle easy to take on the go. Try Gevalia coffee and experience the taste of 150 years of Swedish tradition. With over 30 premium coffees, from intense dark roasts to exotic varietals, you are sure to find your perfect sip.