Brew Pub Pizza Pizza, Sausage, Stuffed Crust, Cheese 31.5 Oz

Highest quality. A crisp and hearty crust generously stuffed with a premium mozzarella cheese. Crisp, cheese- stuffed crust topped with rich tomato sauce, Italian Sausage and mozzarella cheese. From pub pub picks to table. Proudly Wisconsin cheese. If you like fully loaded pizza, you're in luck. Our crisp and hearty crust is generously stuffed with premium mozzarella cheese, smothered with rich tomato sauce, and loaded with your favorite toppings including award-winning Wisconsin mozzarella cheese. All "the ingredients for a great time! It also goes great with your favorite brew. Indulge in our select lineup of hearty pub classics with bold flavors, premium toppings and plenty of cheese. This should hit the spot!