Edwards Pecan Pie, Georgia Style 32 oz

No high fructose corn syrup. Extra flaky pastry crust. Edwards desserts from our sweet custard filling with a hint of vanilla, to the layer of caramelized pecans, Edwards Georgia style pecan pie is meticulously baked and topped to extravagant perfection. We prepare and bake our pastry crust to be extra flaky, because a dessert is only as good as its crust, you're probably thinking, this looks to pretty to eat, sure, you could leave it as a showy centerpiece, but what's the fun in that? Extra flaky pastry crust, smothered in caramelized premium pecans, made with good ol' sweet custardy filling with a hint of vanilla. Recycle if clean & dry. Rinse before recycling. Check locally (Not recycled in all communities).