Are you ready to believe that frozen pizza can deliver the kind of taste you've always associated with fresh pizza? Because now Freschetta pizza truly gives you an unbelievable fresh-baked pizza experience, right in your home. The great taste of Freschetta pizza starts right at the bottom - with a hand-tossed-style crust that's never pre-cooked, so as it bakes, it rises to just the right amount of crispness. Like the best Italian pizza doughs, we've added cornmeal and garlic butter for a rich, distinctive taste. And on every pizza, you'll find generous helpings of the finest meats, cheeses, and vegetables, as well as a thick, hearty sauce, made with ground red peppers and Romano cheese for a true pizzeria taste. We like to suggest that you let your pizza sit for several minutes after baking. That gives the sauces, toppings and crust a chance to finish blending their tastes together. And it gives you time to enjoy the fresh-baked aroma and anticipation that come with eating every Freschetta pizza. You can be sure of your pizza's freshness when you open the special freshness seal on any of the delicious Freschetta pizza varieties, including pepperoni, sausage & pepperoni, 4-cheese, supreme, 4-meat, and sausage.