Blue Bunny Bunny Snacks Frozen Dairy Dessert, Cookies 'N Cream

Chocolate cookie with cookies 'n cream frozen dairy dessert dipped in white confectionary coating and chocolate cookie crunch. Now with 8 bunny snacks. Creamy & crunchy. Any time is bunny snack time. Big taste, snack sized. Better by the layer. Feed your fun side. Chocolate cookie crunch. Cookies 'n cream goodness. Covered in creamy perfection. Rich chocolate cookie. Years & years with bunny ears. Since 1913. To be sold by carton only. Contents are not marked for individual sale. Fun comes in all sizes. Enjoy this one. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Visit us at Like these? Discover more fun and flavorful varieties from Blue Bunny. Blue Bunny Load'd Sundaes, Blue Bunny Mini Swirls, Blue Bunny Ice Cream. Recyclable.