Lean Cuisine Orange Chicken 10 oz

Know Your Portion 1 PORTION 1 TRAY, Excellent Source of Protein, 310 calories, 14g protein, 1/2 cup of veggies, 'SEE NUTRITION INFORMATION FOR SODIUM CONTENT, Kick your dish up a notch with an excellent source of protein and crave-worthy taste, Inspiring Delicious Nutritious Eating LEAN CUISINE empowers you to eat well without having to sacrifice taste, convenience or nutrition. We are committed to helping you eat well in a way that’s sustainable for you, with delicious and nutritious food. Good food, Good life, KICK YOUR DAY INTO HIGH GEAR. An “Excellent Source of Protein” means this dish provides you with 20% or more of the recommended Daily Value of protein. No Arjpgicial Flavors or Colors Added colors from natural sources