Athens Fillo Appetizers, Spinach & Cheese Filled, Spanakopita

12 appetizers. Bake and serve. A blend of spinach, cottage and feta cheeses with savory seasonings in flaky layers of fillo (phyllo) dough. Serve Athens Spanakopita with: a cool and refreshing fresh fruit salad; sizzling tender-crisp stir-fry vegetables; a steaming bowl of chicken-vegetable or tomato soup; tasty and colorful pasta primavera salad; a crisp salad of exotic mixed greens; satisfying and nutty, brown and wild rice pilaf; chilled wedge of melon with frozen yogurt or sherbet; crunchy Chinese cabbage coleslaw in a tomato cup; a mug of thick 'n hearty chili or beef stew; warm and flavorful vegetable frittata; tender penne pasta in a chunky garden-vegetable tomato sauce; freshly tossed savory Caesar salad; your favorite dipping sauces. Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified fiber sourcing. May be produced with genetic engineering. For recipes visit and Visit for: product info, recipes, videos and free recipe books. Visit to: Discuss phyllo (fillo), share and rate recipes and ask questions.