Ling Ling® Bibimbap Beef Fried Rice 2-11 oz. Pack

Korean-style rice infused with our signature spicy gochujang sauce, combined with tender marinated beef, spinach, yellow & orange carrots, red bell peppers & edamame. All natural (No artificial ingredients; minimally processed). Korean-style spicy marinated beef. 17 g protein per serving. No preservatives. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. New! Ling Ling Brings you Flavors of Korea. Bibimbap Beef: Bibimbap mean mixed rice in Korean, and this popular combination of vegetables, beef, and rice is a cornerstone of the country's cuisine. The secret ingredient that makes it so crave-worthy? Gochujang – a fiery and slightly sweet dark chili sauce that amps up the flavor of anything it touches. At Ling Ling, we infuse our rice with a special combination of sauces and seasonings to deliver delicious flavor in every bite. Our rice is blended with the finest authentic ingredients to bring the true flavors of Asia to your table. For comments & more information, visit us at: Made in the USA.