Bradshaw Ranch 1/4 Pound Thick N Juicy Beef Patties 8 0.25 lb 8 ea

Freezer to first bite, fast! Uncooked. Freezer-to-family fast! We serve 'em Thick and Juicy at Bradshaw Ranch. When everyone's hungry for hearty food and good conversation, make thses patties your go-to just like we do at Bradshaw Ranch. Straight from the freezer, my juicy patties with angus beef cook up in minutes to satisfy - they're a mile thick with extra napkinsrequired for juiciness in every bite. Both hands and a big appetite required. Top it off with all the classic fixin's and you've got yourself a meal. Bradshaw Ranch Thick N Juicy delights everyone with something special any day of the week with freezer-to-family ease and all-American flavor. We know you love 'em as much as we do. - Terry Bradshaw. Cook from frozen. Ready in minutes.