Home Run Inn Pizza, Classic, Four Cheese 27 Oz

Chicago's. Est. 1947. All natural (minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.) Family with a dream. Our family came from Italy in the 1920's with a dream to connect people over pizza. In 1947, when they served square-cut, snack-sized pizza at our southside Chicago tavern, across from local baseball fields, the neighborhood was thrilled - it was love at first bite. The family dream came true and the world of pizza was never the same. Years later, our same family recipe from 1947 is making its way throughout the country and we couldn't be more proud. Staying true to our roots, we hope you open up a cold drink and enjoy your pie while watching the ball game with your family. Our grandparents making pizza in 1947. Made from scratch simple ingredients. Our family motto is simple - if we can't pronounce it, we won't use it. We take this one step further by making each of our pizzas from scratch daily starting with our buttery, flaky crust and finishing with premium all natural (minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.) Toppings. Simple ingredients that come from the farmers we trust. Please recycle this box. Pizza with a purpose. We're dedicated to making a positive impact and using pizza as a force for good. We believe children and families should never go hungry. Full bellies help children flourish in school and strengthen our communities. Each year you help us feed over a million children across the nation through local charities and food pantries. Thank you for joining our efforts to end hunger for all - it really means a lot to our family!