Reggios Dinner Size Turkey

Chicago style pizza! Since 1972. No trans fats. Famous butter crust. Made with 100% real cheese. Premium pizzaria pizza. Experience the great taste of a pizzeria pizza - right out of your own oven! Hailing from Chicago, home of great people and great pizza, Reggio's Pizza has been providing its world famous butter crust pizza to customers across the US for over 40 years. Reggio's started in 1972 as a single, family-owned pizzeria in Chicago. The pizza became so popular that customers started asking if they could have Reggio's in a frozen variety to take home and cook at their convenience. Hence, Reggio's frozen pizza was born. Today, Reggio's remains a family-owned company, operating multiple restaurants in Chicago and taking great pride in making frozen pizzas topped with 100% real cheese, zesty tomato sauce, fresh meats, and fresh vegetables. And of course, we can not forget about what has made Reggio's Pizza truly famous - their delicious and unique tasting famous butter crust. So we invite you to enjoy what so many other pizza lovers have enjoyed for over 40 years - a Reggio's pizzeria pizza that just happens to be frozen. You may never have to order take-out pizza again - unless it's Reggio's of course. Please recycle. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture.