Glad Freezer Wrap - 150 SQ FT

Glad® Freezer Wrap. New! 3-in-1 Freezer protection*. Stretches 1.5x more. Clings tighter. 25% Thicker. Blue food wrap. Microwave safe. BPA free. 150 Sq. ft. (13.9 m2). 150 Sq ft (50 yd X 12 in). 13.9 m2 (45.7 m X 30.4 cm). The ultimate freezer burn protection: Lock in freshness with Glad® FreezerWrap. The blue wrap is 25% thicker* for added toughness in the freezer. Unlike storage bags, FreezerWrap makes it easier to create a tight seal around food, protecting against moisture loss that can create freezer burn. Glad FreezerWrap: Better protection against freezer burn vs. regular storage bags. *25% Thicker and 1.5x more stretch compared to Glad® ClingWrap. Clings tighter compared to freezer bags. Glad is a registered trademark of The Glad Products Company. Questions or Comments Give us a Call: 1-800-835-4523 or Visit our website © 2015.