Happy Squeeze Coco Coconut Milk, Orange Mango

Organic superfoods. Good source of calcium & magnesium a creamy delicious snack. 2/3 cup of fruit! USDA organic. About HappySqueeze: Our mission is to make amazing, innovative foods that make your life easy and your body happy. We do the heavy lifting: working with nutritionists, sourcing the freshest ingredients, and integrating superfoods so you can pick it up, squeeze it, and smile! Why HappySqueeze? Always organic; Doctor recommended; Optimally formulated; Minimal processing; Easy BPA free portable package. About Coconut Milk: The benefits. We think coconut milk is the nectar of the gods. It has so many amazing properties, like copper and calcium to help keep skin and bones supple and strong, magnesium to relax muscles and nerves. fiber to help maintain a healthy weight - and the list keeps going on! We love it for all of the above plus the added benefit of being creamy and delicious. So go ahead and get your squeeze on! 1 squeeze = 2/3 cup of fruit! Questions? Go to happyfamilybrands.com. Certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Like us! 1 out of every 100 new fans gets a free trial! - Facebook.com/HAPPYFAM. Made in the USA.