Hershey Assorted Chocolate and Fruit Flavored Candy Fund Raising Kit, 97.4 oz (52 Count)

Bring the team together for a good cause with a Hershey chocolate and sweets assorted chocolate and fruit-flavored fund raising kit. This 52-count box of assorted chocolate and fruit-flavored bulk candy features a variety of favorites, including HERSHEY'S milk chocolate candy bars, KIT KAT® milk chocolate wafer bars, TWIZZLERS Twists strawberry-flavored chewy candy, JOLLY RANCHER MISFITS 2-in-1 gummies candy, ROLO® rich chocolate caramel candy and TWIZZLERS NIBS cherry-flavored chewy candy. With a Hershey assorted chocolate and candy variety box of delicious candies, everyone will find something they love. With a mix of chocolate, crisp wafers, caramel and fruit-flavored candy, this Hershey fund raising kit is a win-win for everyone involved. Hershey's assorted chocolate and fruit-flavored candies are perfect for organization, volunteer, school and sports team fund raising activities that can support your group all year round, as well as concession stand goodies and office snacks. The carrying box quickly folds into a display case, letting you present your fundraising candy bars and fruity treats to hungry supporters while remaining organized for you and your fund raising group. This variety candy pack comes with individually wrapped candy for lasting freshness and convenient snacking on the go wherever your fund raising efforts take you.