HERSHEY'S SYMPHONY Milk Chocolate, Almonds and Toffee Giant, Candy Bar, 7.37 oz (25 Pieces)

In this HERSHEY'S SYMPHONY giant candy bar, crunchy almonds, rich toffee and smooth, extra creamy milk chocolate create the perfect harmony of flavors. Stock up on giant bars, and you'll always have a decadent treat within reach. HERSHEY'S SYMPHONY milk chocolate with toffee and almonds is a delicious candy to enjoy on your own or share with friends and family members on any given day. Whether you need Easter candy, Halloween treats, Christmas sweets or Valentine's Day gifts to make those around you swoon, HERSHEY'S candy will take care of any sweet snacking required. In fact, with HERSHEY'S SYMPHONY milk chocolate candy bars, you won't need a special occasion to indulge in a premium snack. Break this bar into perfectly shareable sections at work, on road trips and at home to bring the stunning mix of rich toffee, crunchy almonds and extra creamy milk chocolate along for the ride. Looking to find a new rhythm? Try adding sections of this giant candy bar to your favorite baked good. It's sure to add an extra delectable touch and please your entire audience.