24 single doses. Dermatologist tested nonallergenic. Powerful Cleaning: fights grime, sweat, stains & stink associated with bacteria. Proactive Protection: helps prevent future stink, stains & static cling. Inspired by active wear built for all laundry. New open resistant zipper built in! Concentrated for all machines including HE. Eco friendly. hexperformance.com/green. Dermatologist tested = no dyes/perfumes/brighteners. Works on all fabrics = no sorting. Eco friendly = biodegradable formula. Fights stink, stains & grime = powerful cleaning. Restores & protects = helps prevent stains/stinks. A New Experience in Clean: We believe it's time for new expectations of what it means for laundry to be clean. We believe sweat, dirt, stains, stink, and grime should come out after one wash without experimenting at home. We believe clothes should look good, feel good, smell good, and last longer. We believe there's more to life than laundry. We couldn't find a solution. So we designed our own. Here's to a new experience in clean and a laundry detergent everyone can believe in. The Problem: Fabrics have evolved. Detergent hasn't. The Solution: Use Hex to clean, rescue, and protect. The Result: Laundry that performs better and longer with no stink. See the full HEX product line at hexperformance.com. We love feedback! Find us on: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Pinterest; YouTube. MSDS Information: Contact hexperformance.com or 1.800.535.5053 (USA). hexperformance.com. HEX is proudly made in the USA.