Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Kit

Pumpkin Masters® Pumpkin Carving Kit. #1 selling brand. Master Your Pumpkin™. All patterns on back. Starter saw. Detail saw. Scraper Scoop™. Utility saw. Drill. 10 patterns included. Trick or treat. House of Jacks. Stirring up trouble. Join the party. Grave situation. Bats of a feather. Whoo goes there Boooo! Grinning ghoul. Arthur O'pod. Wet. Apply. Wrap. Carve. Component(s) made and packaged in Yoyao City, China. Pumpkin Masters® and designs are trademarks of Signature Brands, LLC. All rights reserved. 877-726-8793. www.pumpkinmasters.com.