Honey-Comb Honeycomb Big Real Honey Flavor Cereal 16 oz

Badge of honor. We can all use a little more positivity in our lives. Cut out the hexagons on this back panel. Glue a magnet to the back and stick it in your locker, put on your vision hoard, or give one to a friend. Cut them all out or make up your own. Make today awesome. You can do hard things. Believe in the power of you. Believe you can & you will. You are equal parts. 20% amazing. 20% brilliant. 20% funny. 20% smart. 20% talented. And 100% awesome! What's your vision? Do you want to do better in school? Make a new friend? Join a soccer team? A vision board is a great way to help inspire you to realize your goals and dreams on a daily basis. Do it old school with paper, pens and glue! Start by cutting out inspirational images and text from magazines. Glue them, collage-style, onto a paper or poster board. Add flair with colored markers, glitter or any other crafty supplies you like. Keep adding to your board when you find something that motivates or inspires you. This visual reminder will help you to bee big! Always bee crunchin? You're amazing every day is a big day. No excuses! It’s crunch dry! Good attitude. No limits. Maximum effort. Time to crunch time to munch. You matter 100%. Work like a bee & bring home the honey. Fill in the pep talk! You are and you're totally going to conquer that (current challenge) (The most inspiring words ever said to you) and never (Something you will never do). Everything is going to be (Superlative) now get out there and (verb) that (Challenge). You got this!