Jay Street Coffee Coffee, Medium Roasted, Mocha

Fresh brewed. 100% arabica beans. Take to The Streets: In downtown Brooklyn we walk the cobblestone streets near our office to draw inspiration. It was there on Jay Street that we had the idea to bottle a better iced coffee. Like its urban origins, Jay Street Coffee is authentic, strong, and proud. Not overly sweet, but always rich in flavor. What is A Medium Roast: Also know as Full City Roast, Medium Roast best preserves the flavor of our top quality Arabica beans, creating a coffee that is smooth, balanced, and mildly sweet, without an acidic taste. www.jaystreetcoffee.com. Fresh Brewed: Bottled with just the right heat to maintain freshness and flavor. 100% Arabica: A rich, yet smooth bean for balance and character. Medium Roasted: Roasted to provide a mildly sweet taste without the acidity. rBST Free: We only use milk coming from dairy herds not treated with rBST. BPA Free. Product of Thailand.