We bake really good stuff. Baked, all natural - and delicious. Light & crunchy. Making pita chips was a real natural for us! Our family bakery started making pita chips using the very same approach we've been following to make our award-winning pita bread for over three decades: 1. The same great authentic recipe as our pita bread; 2. The very best ingredients; 3. Our unique baking process. They all add up to a crunchy, healthy and tasty snacking experience for you and your family. So what on earth does one do with a pita chip? You can dip 'em - in hummus - spinach dip - or whatever the other dip rings your bell. You can munch 'em - right out of the bag - by yourself or with family. You can top 'em - with gooey melted cheese and other tasty stuff. You can crunch 'em - into a steamy soup or crispy salad. You can share 'em - with friends, or take them to parties for all to enjoy. And - if you have a unique way to enjoy them - tell us and we'll tell others. All Natural Ingredients & Flavors: 40% less fat than other pita chips. Fat content has been reduced from 5 g to 3 g per serving. Reduced Sodium: 25% less sodium than other pita chips. Sodium content has been reduced from 240 mg to 180 mg per serving. Satisfaction guaranteed. Visit our website or write to us with your comments: www.kangaroobrands.com.