Kangaroo Salad Pockets Whole Wheat - 6 CT

Kangaroo® Whole Wheat Salad Pockets®. Reseal to keep fresh. We Bake Really Good Stuff™. Heart healthy goodness. Thin pockets - easy to fill. Fill'em with tuna, chicken or deli salad. Pita bread...an old-world food with a modern application. Used to be that salads had to be eaten from a bowl, but no more! Kangaroo Salad Pockets are a better way to enjoy all types of salads. Kangaroo's thin Salad Pocket holds the "stuff" you put in it. It's portable, and no dirty dishes to fuss with. Used to be that bread was over processed and laced with bad oils and sugars. You guessed it ... Kangaroo Pocket bread to the rescue again! In our bakery we make bread the slow natural way and never add saturated or trans fats, corn syrup or worse...high fructose corn syrup. Used to be that you had to struggle to open a "pocket" in so-called pocket breads. Kangaroo has solved that age old problem for good. Our patented process delivers pockets that are pre-opened and ready to fill with all your salads. What makes Kangaroo Pocket bread so darn good...and so darn good for you First...we keep the bad stuff out of it! No saturated fat, no trans fats, no cholesterol and low calories in every piece. And... we put good stuff in it! Like that special hearth-baked taste one gets from quality ingredients and our special baking process. Satisfaction guaranteed. Visit our website or write to us with your comments: 1-800-798-0857. www.reallytastyfood.com.