Kellogg's Cereal, Cherry & Blue Raspberry 8.3 oz

Feel the freeze with Kellogg’s ICEE Breakfast Cereal, inspired by the epic frozen treat loved by adults and kids. It’s the coolest cereal around, making your mouth feel cold as you eat it. With red, purple, and blue cereal pieces bursting with delicious cherry and blue raspberry flavor. Every bowl contains a good source of 8 vitamins and minerals, a good source of fiber, 15g of whole grain per serving, and is low fat. Grab some ICEE Cereal and chill with your family around the breakfast table; Add some to a snack bag to bring fun to lunch. Make it a tasty after school cooldown or family time treat. Sprinkle in cereal bar recipes for an ICEE cool twist. However you enjoy it, Kellogg’s ICEE Cereal is a great choice to spark childhood memories and create new ones with every awesomely cold bite.