Kellogg's® Fruity Snacks Mixed Berry Fruit Flavored Snacks 16 oz. Box

Horse:Outdoor Fun: Here's a game to cheer for. If you don't have a real basketball hoop, find a big box or laundry basket and get a ball. Now, pick a spot to shoot from. If the first player makes it in the basket, the second player must shoot it the exact same way. If the second player misses they get an "H". The player who makes it first picks a new spot. Continue shooting until a player has spelled out H-O-R-S-E.Flashlight tagThe fun doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down. With an adult's permission, in a safe yard or area, play the classic game of tag, but with a twist. One person is "it" and has the flashlight. They must "tag" the others by shining the light on them. Once a player is "tagged" they become "it" and the fun starts again!Alphabet gameReading and writing are fun, but when you're in the car, the Alphabet Game is as easy as A, B, C. Here's how it goes. Each player starts with their own sheet of paper with the alphabet on it. Throughout the trip, be on the lookout for something that begins with each letter. When you find something, cross off that specific letter. For example, if you see a bus, cross out the B. The first person to cross out all the letters wins.Cloud shapesIs that a dragon in the sky or is it a fire engine? Do you see a princess or is that an apple? Nice days are meant for pretend, so find a comfortable spot to lie down and stare up at the clouds. What kind of shapes do they make? Point them out to Mom and yell out what you think they are. It will be fun to discover all the wonderful pictures the sky makes just for you.CharadesActing is fun, so let's play Charades. In this game, have mom write down the names of different animals, objects or phrases on little pieces of paper in a hat and shake them up. Pick out a piece and then act it out in under three minutes. Are you good enough to convince the others what you are?Build a snowman:Winter Fun: Build winter fun by going outside to make a snowman. First roll a snowball around until it gets really, really big. Do it two more times, so you have three balls that are different sizes. The big one is his feet, the middle is his body, and the smallest one is his head. Find sticks for arms and rocks for his eyes and mouth. Finally get that carrot mom has in the fridge and give your snowman a nose. Fun is just a few steps away.1. Cut out the cards above.2. Mix them all up.3. Pick one of the cards.4. Follow the tips and have fun!5. Make a cool card holder!After cutting out the cards, continue cutting the box to make yourself a cool card holder. It's easy and you'll know where to go When you're looking for something fun to do! Game on! Simple. Active. Fun. 20 Pouches Value Pack! Made with Real Fruit * 100% DV Vitamin C