Kit Scratch Out Scratch & Swirl Remover

Kit™ Scratch Out® Scratch & Swirl Remover. Clearcoat safe! High performance. Removes fine scratches & swirl marks. Restores color & gloss. Makes scratched or dull paint finishes look like new! Helps remove light scratches and swirl marks from paint finishes. Restores color and cleans away oxidation. Safe for clear coat and all other auto paint finishes. Easy to use-just wipe on and buff off. Scratch Out was developed and tested in professional detail shops to remove scratches caused by improper car washing, abrasive car waxes, light key scratches and paint left behind by door dings. Restores color and cleans away oxidation, tar and stains. Scratch Out won't damage clear coat finishes like abrasive rubbing compounds. Also restores optical clarity of headlight lens and removes yellowing. Scratch Out is safe for use with orbital buffers. Kit™ and Scratch Out® are trademarks.