Klondike Ice Cream Bars Krunch No Sugar Added - 6 CT

Klondike® Krunch No Sugar Added Ice Cream Bars. Not a low calorie and light food. *The portion of light ice cream in this bar has 85% less fat and 50% fewer calories than a similar portion of a range of full-fat ice cream. See nutrition information for calories, saturated fat and sugar content. Artificially flavored vanilla no sugar added light* Ice cream in a milk chocolate flavored coating and crispy rice pieces. Chocolatey coated & ice cream loaded. No sugar added. Krunch. Per bar: 190 calories. 8g sat at, 40% DV. 75mg sodium, 3% DV. 5g sugars. 6-4 fl oz (118 ml) bars. Net 24 fl oz (708 ml). Try our other Klondike treats. Unlimited deliciousness. Klondike, sandwiches. Klondike, KandyBars, caramel & peanuts. The portion of light ice cream in this bar has 70 calories, 1g fat. A similar portion of a range of full-fat ice cream has an average of 150 calories, 9g fat. This bar is not a light food. Inner units not labeled for individual retail sale. Our milk & cream promise. No artificial growth hormones† used on cows. See side panel for "tastes best before" date. †Suppliers of other ingredients such as cookies, candies, sauces and coatings may not be able to make this claim. The FDA states that no significant difference has been shown between dairy derived from rbst-treated and non-rbst-treated cows. Recyclable. 800-931-2830. Visit us at www.klondikebar.com. ©Unilever.