Krave Cereal, Double Chocolate Brownie Batter 10.5 Oz

Crafted for chocovores, Kellogg’s Krave Double Chocolate Brownie Batter Breakfast Cereal is a distinctly delicious combo of crispy chocolate shell outside and smooth and chocolatey inside. A good source of seven vitamins and minerals and made with no high fructose corn syrup, Kellogg’s Krave Double Chocolate Brownie Batter Cereal is a yummy, chocolatey way to start the day. Not just for breakfast, Kellogg's Krave is a tasty addition to any meal or snack any time of the day; Enjoy as a well-deserved snack at the office, take as an afternoon pick-me-up, reenergize with a post-workout treat, or indulge in a late-night bowlful of sweet, crunchy cereal. It also makes a scrumptious addition to homemade trail mix, the delicious options are endless. Pack some in a plastic bag for lunch boxes and busy, on-the-go moments. Just add your favorite dairy or nut-milk or enjoy as a crispy treat straight from the box.