Lawry's Smoked Paprika 2 oz

Lawry's Casero Smoked Paprika (Pimentón Ahumado) is a rich, smoky take on classic paprika – mildly sweet with very little heat. Made from smoked and dried sweet peppers, it adds depth to a comforting stew, chili or roast chicken. You won't need much to get that signature smoky flavor and vibrant red color from smoked paprika. Try it in place of regular paprika in homemade Mexican chorizo, chicken and rice (Arroz con Pollo), or the seasoning rub for turkey. Sprinkle on deviled eggs or potato salad for a bold garnish. Smoked paprika is essential in Spanish cuisine, where it’s found in recipes for assorted tapas, soups, paella and beans. Since 1938, Lawry’s is the brand you know and trust for spices and seasonings that make a good meal great.