LIFE SAVERS Gummies Bunnies & Eggs Easter Candy Assortment, 2.0 Oz Bag

Jelly beans aren't the only gummy candy family and friends will be hunting for this year. With LIFE SAVERS Gummies Bunnies as Easter egg fillers, everybunny's a winner on the bunny trail! This delicious Easter basket candy features the yummy assorted fruit flavors of watermelon, orange, strawberry, cherry, and green apple. Forget the carrots—the Easter Bunny himself chews LIFE SAVERS Gummies! Make your Easter egg hunt, party favors and candy dishes pop with this colorful assortment of gummy Easter candy. From Easter baskets to Easter baking, your guests will adore seeing these bunny and egg Easter treats this holiday! Add our LIFE SAVERS Gummies Bunnies & Eggs Easter Candy Bag to your cart today, for a much hoppier tomorrow!