HILLSHIRE FARM Snacking Small Plates, Genoa Salame and White Cheddar Cheese

Mild Genoa salame, natural white cheddar cheese, and crisp toasted rounds come together in Hillshire Snacking Small Plates for a grown-up twist on snack time. Our Genoa Salame Small Plate features chef-curated ingredients and flavors for a truly elevated snacking experience. Try pairing with a fruity Bellini to enhance the flavors of the mild salame and sharp white cheddar. Perfectly portioned for snacking on-the-go, our Genoa Salame Small Plate has 16 grams of protein in each ready-to-eat serving. Includes one 2.76 ounce package. We're big believers in a little thing called snack time. To us snacking is not about rushing or mindless eating. It's about turning a few stolen moments into an elevated celebration that deserves to be savored. We're here to turn snacking into an occasion, and you're invited.