Milk Bone Gravy Bones Basted Meat Flavored Biscuits, Large, Original Brand

Milk-Bone is the best way to love your dog! .. Especially your very special dog! Milk-Bone Gravy Bones give you four different flavored biscuits basted in real gravy that dogs love! Gravy Bones are four delicious flavored biscuits coated with rich, meaty juices for a crunchy biscuit your dog will love. Each biscuit is fortified with 12 essential vitamins & minerals for a great tasting snack you can feel good about giving your dog. Calories per biscuit 80, fat per biscuit 2g., 3310 kcal/kg (calculated). Chicken-no dog can resist the enticing flavor of real chicken. Beef-your dog will go wild for the taste of this real beef flavored snack. Liver-the flavor of real liver will have your dog barking with delight. Bacon-your dog will gobble up these delicious bacon flavored treats.