O Ke Doke Popcorn, Flavored, Hot & Spicy Cheese

New! Artificially flavored. When it's more than ok it's O-Ke-Doke. Crunchy curls. Hot stuff. Jays. O-Ke-Doke crunchy cheese curls are not only delicious but they have an explosive personality - they're super cheesy! They're not & spicy! They're crispy & crunchy! It's a wow in every bite. And don't forget to try o-Ke-Doke popcorn - it comes in so many great flavors. Melt-in-your-mouth buttery. Cheese. Kickin' hot cheese five-alarm in hot buffalo wing. Sublime white cheddar. Delicious white. And marvelously mixed-up cheesy caramel mix. So when you are looking for a crispy, tasty and definitely explosive snack that's way more than OK, treat yourself to O-Ke-Doke Hot & Spicy Crunch Cheese Curls.